In this age of digital transformation, there is hardly a business that goes without having a software application. However, developing software is not a piece of cake. If you want to develop a complete software application in-house then it demands both money as well as time. And honestly, not everyone has an extended IT team. In such situation, software outsourcing is a better approach. Outsourcing software development or ERP implementation enables companies to distribute assets more efficiently, complement their core competencies and broaden their product portfolio, while possibly saving resources along the way. Furthermore, outsourcing reduces bottlenecks while enabling you to leverage emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning, IoT and more. Benefits Of Software Outsourcing Reduces Development Cost – One of the biggest benefits of software outsourcing is reduce cost. This keeps your overhead costs low while enabling you to deliver a successful product. As per research by senior lecturer from MIT, the in-house developer could be 2.7X costlier as compared to resource from outsourcing company. When you hire an in-house resource, then his/her salary covers all employee benefits like taxes, rent, travel allowance, equipment, and all non-billable hours like meetings, trainings, business trips, team integration events etc. Thus, hiring an in-house resource can be much costlier then you really anticipate. On-Time Delivery of Projects – In today’s highly dynamic and competitive market, organizations want to overtake competitors with quick market entry. And, development or implementation is a lengthy process. Software outsourcing enables you to hire on-demand resources to ensure that every phase of development is delivered within defined timeline. This helps you to address project changes and challenges to ensure that final output is aligned as per clients’ requirements. Scalability – By outsourcing software, you get the flexibility to scale up or scale down the team as per changing project requirements. When you need to escalate the things, you can ask your software outsourcing firm to add up more resources. You can leave them later when your job get done. Accessibility over the Best of Talent / No Geographical Boundaries – Hiring right talent & within budget is a daunting task for an in-house team. At times, shortage of resources results in project delivery delays. With outsourcing, you can lower down the risk of bad hires, who usually become a part of the company for long run and may get the project out from the track due to lack of soft skills and technicality. By outsourcing, you can hire highly skilled resources and at much low cost. Focus On Output Than Management – Management of in-house team is a time consuming process. Apart from managing project, you also need to manage various things like appraisal, employee evaluation, assessments, hiring & firing. When you outsource project, a representative from your side will require communicating with the project manager to discuss the progress. You don’t have to manage each and every aspect of project. Thus, you can focus on your core business while the development team strives hard to deliver project on time. The Bottom Line Thus, we can conclude from the above text that outsourcing software development is a better approach as compared to harboring an in-house team. For long term projects like NetSuite implementation, it is recommended that you should Hire NetSuite Developers from Software Consultancy Company rather than hiring in-house team. Not only, is this a cost effective approach but can also ensure on-time project completion.