Handling customers is an extremely difficult task. Every customer has different requirements or issues and dealing with these becomes difficult for your staff. But, in the competitive world of business, your customer service speaks louder. It is one of the factors which defines whether your business will flourish or not. There is constant pressure to innovate and innovation is not easy. So while you put efforts there, you also have to put efforts in customer service. That can be the differentiator between you and your competitors. One of the reasons that a company loses customers is because they only focus on unhappy customers. Now of course, that is easy to do. They are upset with you and they are demanding your attention. This makes it difficult to focus on and cater to satisfied and happy customers. Bad customer service will bring your reputation down, while good may go unnoticed. This is why you have to be proactive with how you treat them. You need to take care of things like time taken by the customer service team to react or help your customers or how they behave and talk with your customers. This will of course, make it expensive. There is no guarantee of return on investment. You may think that hiring more people to combat that is the answer, anyone can do that. You need a new solution, one that can help you stand out from the crowd. A neat portal solution like Salesforce WordPress portal will help, but First, let’s look at the challenges that you are likely to face in 2020 to determine how you can use the portal: Delay in Responding: When customers are stuck with a problem, it is very likely for them to become impatient and expect quick responses. They don’t care if the problem occurred because of them, technical issues or anything else. They just need a solution to the problem. Hence, you need to make sure that your customer service responds faster and tries to resolve their issues as soon as possible.If your customer service is not able to solve the issue in the first trial, that is fine. But, responding to your clients immediately is key. Payment Issues: Unpaid invoices or payment issues are common when you run a company. You cannot tell your customer service team to track payments or pending payments, etc. constantly. This will result in you eventually losing lots of time for your customer service. In a business having such issues is very common and you will need to cope with these things. Unhappy Customers: Your aim as a company is to make a top-notch product and make sure that it is liked by your customers. Problems are common and sometimes unavoidable. But, these things will annoy your customers. They will try to get to your customer service team and complain about it. Thanks to social media platforms, customers raise their concerns and issues on these platforms. They go online and complain about the pathetic service your company gives. But, it completely depends on you and your team how well they handle such situations and maintain the company’s reputation. Disney provides the best customer service. They use the technique known as H.E.A.R.D technique i.e. Hear, Empathize, Apologize, Resolve, Diagnose. This will tell your support staff the exact things they have to do when they are working with your clients. While working with angry customers, you need to make sure that you are listening to them. You need to make them realize that you truly care about their issues and you want to help them resolve it. Video Chat: When people are angry it is very likely that they will prefer talking to people rather than chatbots. They prefer having someone live in front of them who can listen to them, understand their problem and help them resolve it. It would be perfect if you can use technology and have live video chat option for your customers. They will be happy to talk to someone who is calm and quickly helps resolve their issue. It’s the era of technology and using it to the full capacity is the best solution. You can use a variety of online customer portals which can solve your issues of customer service. Yes! You heard it right. Portals let your customers easily play around and know your products. They can solve the issues on their own with a knowledge base. They can even easily talk with your customer service team from the portal itself and resolve issues. There are various portals available in the market which can help you provide great customer service. You can go for like Salesforce online customer portal, SugarCRM customer portal, WordPress customer portal, Dynamics customer portal, etc.