In the 21st century, technology changes the way of doing business. With the advancement in technology, it becomes easy for anyone to start earning money online. Through the internet, it becomes easy to connect with a targeted audience and get off with their online business. But as it is said that where it is good, there is evil too. Therefore, it becomes essential for businesses to ensure security in web applications. Business opts for VPS hosting in Pakistan or in any other country to ensure the security of their web application. But often, malicious hackers and scammers get attracted to web applications and hack your precious site. They always come up with new hacking vectors to unlock your application and steal your potential data. Therefore, to ensure security in web applications, you need to follow the top tips discussed below. How to Ensure Security in Web Applications? One of the best ways to ensure security in a website application is to identify the vulnerabilities and other malicious elements in web applications before hackers could exploit them. To ensure security in web applications, all the processes of detecting any malicious element must be done during the SDLC stages. As doing after the SDLC stages, the chances are higher to get attacked because your website is already live. But the main question is always how to detect vulnerabilities in web applications? As there are so many methods to apply, often beginners find it difficult to detect vulnerabilities within the web application. Therefore, you must need to go with the following strategy. 1. Web Vulnerability Scanners: One of the effective ways to ensure security in a website application is to use a web vulnerability scanner. The black box is known to be the top scanner which can detect vulnerabilities of website and web application. It is typically easy to use and helps in making your site secure from any future hurdles. This is why web vulnerability scanners are popular amongst beginners. But the main hurdle is always about choosing the right scanner. Not every scanner is reliable, so you need to choose the one that gives maximum protection from the threat. Let’s compare both free and paid versions to know which one to choose. Commercial Vs. Free Web Vulnerability: While choosing a application security scanner, you may find it difficult to stick to the one. Many factors may get neglected and often cause vulnerability issues. This is because not every software is capable of detecting the right malicious element before your site gets hacked. Using commercial software is one of the best strategies to empower your web application without any hurdles. Although it takes money but it is worth to have it. As free web vulnerability scanners aren’t effective to detect the hidden elements of the site. Therefore, it’s better to go with the one that ensures the security of web applications. Hence, this the easiest method to ensure security in web applications effectively.But the main hurdle is always about choosing the right scanner.This is why web vulnerability scanners are popular amongst beginners and freshers.