Having compelling informative content and styled design isn’t enough for your site to get success and survive in this online digital market. Actually, it is important to engage your visitors by providing a better user experience via website features and functionalities. There are several web applications that can please your eyes. However, they fail to create a good impression for potential business requirements. Probably, your website design isn’t appealing. But if a professional website development company makes a web application, then they always take care of one important thing, i.e.; The first impression of your website must last forever among your visitors! In an online market, the audience has tons of options but you as a business/service provider have only about 5 seconds. You have a limited time to grab the attention of your visitor. For this to happen, you must have a professional web design that is able to put your brands’ image among the visitors very seriously without damaging the reputation and business plans. Whenever a user visits a website, they first notice the design, its responsiveness, its style, color scheme, content layout, feel while navigating over the web pages, and how loudly the message is being transferred to the visitors. These traits belong to professional web development. A website is a platform where you can provide engaging content, related to your products, and services. While the visitor is someone who judges everything at your site before making a purchase. Therefore, we said that the first impression must last forever. In order, to make so, you now have to take the help of a professional web design company. There are many best web development services in USA from where you can take help in website development. Here are 9 important tips to follow while you develop a professional web design. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly Nowadays, it’s more likely to happen that online visitors at your website come from mobile devices like smartphones, and tablets. Furthermore, mobile traffic over the internet is around 53% while the desktop, and laptop traffic is 47%. This means the mobile has taken over the desktops and laptops. This is why you need to make your site mobile responsive. You need to optimize your website as per the mobile smartphones. Now, what does it mean by mobile optimization? It means developing your site in such a way that it appears responsive to every mobile platform and operating system present in the world. Furthermore, your website is able to adapt, small screen sizes, small fonts, compatible UI/UX, and easy navigation! While you craft an idea for professional design, consider making your website mobile responsive. Reduce The Page Loading Time It doesn’t sometimes matter to the users how professional your website is in look & feel. If a visitor had to wait for 8 seconds for the web page to load, then trust me you have already lost the visitor. According to the reports from Kissmetrics, if a web page takes a longer time to load, then the people start leaving it; thus, increasing the page abandonment rate. Not only this, but the slow loading time impacts negatively on your website and affects your Google search ranking. The loading time also put effects on page designs, programming, and development. Hence, you must do something to decrease the loading time of every web page. The best time is under 3 to 5 seconds! To improve your page load speed, you can optimize the code, reduce too many links, reduce the number of redirects, optimize the images, and many more. Choose The Best Design Option As Per Needs & Budgets One of the most important decisions that you have to take while you develop or redesign your website is whether you must use the template design or you must have your own custom design. Today, there exist a number of website templates whose job is to make web development easy and create professional-looking sites. On the other hand, custom websites take more resources, time, manpower, and budget. However, a template-based design is not professional web development. But a custom site development has the power to include unique elements for increasing the overall web functionality. So, choose accordingly! Use CAT (Call To Action) Buttons A website with more than two CTAs at its every web page looks unprofessional. Also, it confuses your visitors! As a result, your visitors don’t take any action and leave the web page. This increases your bouncing rate! Never confuse your visitors with more choices. To grab their attention, make a professional website design by placing CTA buttons strategically on every webpage. Use High- Quality Images Large and high-quality images always affect the website loading speed, but visitors love to watch high-quality videos and images. Now what we can do to satisfy the visitor is to keep the web layout look more professional. To attract the persona with good quality images and increase the conversion rates, my suggestion is to optimize the images before you upload them on your website. Optimization keeps the quality of the image but reduces the size of the images. This is the way how with the help of quality images, you can make your website look professional. Use Better Fonts In website designing, the fonts are not mere letters. With every color, they have the capability to choose their style too! Thus, choosing a professional font is really important. Always choose the font style which matches your culture and business style. Besides choosing the right font type, you should have a good idea to place them properly on the web pages Color Scheme Should Be Good! The colors which you choose for structuring your website put a great impact on the design. Thus, never ever pick any color just it is your favorite. You need to form a color code, blend it all together, and make the website look professional. Keep Website Design Simple Whenever you are busy designing a website, your main focus should be on delivering the best experience UX/UI to the visitors and your online audience. For this, the best option is to keep the website structure, content layout, and web styling. If you try to deliver a vibrant experience with simplicity at its base, then you will create a professional web design! Hire A Professional Web Design Company You have already learned all the tips for designing a website in a professional manner! Implement all these professional web designing tips, make your website interactive, intuitive, attractive, mobile-responsive, and color impressive. To do so, you must contact a top web design company in the USA! Let’s know what is your uptake on it.