Every year it is almost certain that a new model of the legendary iPhone will be launched by Apple. And it will be a remarkable life-changing device, filled with modern engineering and technological marvels. These mobiles come with an apple manufactured A-series processors and motherboard set, a new trendsetter for mobile cameras, remarkable battery life and an updated operating system and unmatched bio-metric security systems. But, in recent times their indigenously developed Retina Displays and super Retina Displays are lacking in durability. The 4K video resolution supporting super AMOLED screen is in a simple word very fragile. With newer models and variants the manufacturer is even unable to provide proper service towards their old model owners. This has increased the demands of other service stations for iPhone screen repair in Southampton. These companies are providing the iPhone owners quick and low-cost screen replacements. They are charging much less for their services and the replacement part, than the authorised service centres. Since the authorised service points are not even helping their customers for any accidental damage and demanding a lot of money for any repair work, more and more iPhone owners are visiting these repair shops. These service points are also providing battery and other part replacements. They are even fixing devices which are damaged by water or any other liquid. In recent times they are also offering screen replacements for iPads. Due to the launching of new models the old device model users are not getting the proper replacement and services for their devices. These local agencies offering iPhone screen repair in Southampton are helping them out. They are providing screen replacement for older iPhone models like 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6+, 6S, 6S+, 7 and 7S. The iPhone 8, 8S, 8+, iPhone X and XS, XS Max are the latest and upcoming models. As Apple is looking only into future and grabbing new customers for their product the older users are forced to visit these local service points for any mobile related problem. These people are even looking for much cheaper Android mobile phones with better screen protections. Most of the Android devices are use Corning Gorilla Glass a type of tempered glass. This hardened glass may not be able to replicate the super enhanced view of Apple’s Retina Display but it is confirmed that they are much durable and their capacitive multi-touch system is even better for mobile gaming.