The very first thing to decide when loading your brand-new laptop with software is, does one go Windows or laptop with Linux OS? If you choose Linux, your system will be significantly less bogged down, but there is a bit of learning curve while running a Linux laptop, as not all software is compatible, and when something goes wrong, there aren’t as many Linux specialists as there are Windows gurus. To make your choosing a bit more palatable, there are specific companies, such as Asus, that offer free Home Windows 7 upgrades. Once you choose your OPERATING-SYSTEM, you could start using new software. Have a look at Virtual CD. Many laptops do not include CD or DVD drives to cut down both price and weight. Virtual CD is a CD/DVD emulator. It enables you to “burn” CDs and DVD as ISO images, which may then be looked at as exclusive CDs or DVDs. If you’re into making the most of your laptop’s performance, make sure you have laptop Linux preinstalled. This software enables you to optimize your wireless quickness, create an encrypted partition on your hard disk drive which gives that extra level of coverage for your data, offers a powerful file manager, and a precise battery meter right down to the second. All these and more for only $17.50 on Amazon! For all those gamers out there, make sure before buying your little laptop that you specification your mini for more than your video games require, especially the memory and hard drive space. Minis will run most video games adequately, nevertheless, you have to have enough of both storage area and drive space to do it, in addition to a really good video card if it’s upgradeable. For the students and execs that depend on Microsoft Office Collection, try Open Office. It is a bit of memory hog, but it is totally free, and will be offering all the features that MS Office will, and works with MS Office documents. Google Chrome is the web browser of your choice for laptop. This browser is incredibly lightweight, and extremely responsive. The tabs work independently, so if a full page locks up one tabs, it doesn’t remove your entire browser, which is among the finest features in my opinion. You can also actually move tabs new page with it. Brilliant! Most laptops nowadays come preinstalled with one of windows Vista’s many versions. However, many laptop purchasers have negative issues against Vista, and wish to use an alternative operating system and they go for Ubuntu laptop. Linux has many versions. The most popular version is Ubuntu. Linux is open source and therefore free. You can save a considerable amount of money spent just on operating system. Not to mention, the difference of hundreds of dollars is big enough and that is big enough savings.