It is advisable to buy a laptop or computer which is upgradable to more disk space and RAM. Toshiba laptops are completely upgradeable. Connectivity on the go should be a major purpose of any laptop. A Toshiba laptop proves to be the perfect mobile companion. Toshiba has connectivity solutions with three USB ports, a Firewire port, integrated wireless and wired networking, along with a modem. So it is best to buy these laptops if you are often traveling and looking for affordable options. A laptop should be customized enough to satisfy specific needs. Toshiba notebooks structured to work with heavy applications are an instant hit among the multimedia, gaming and graphic circles. Be it the excellent A9 to the budgeted Satellite Pro, they are designed to last long and work fast. It is also advisable to check for the cost to feature ratio while making laptop purchases. Laptops with low prices should include features which are needed by the user. The low-priced Toshiba notebooks do not compromise on the features, speed and performance. Taking a look at reviews is important before making a purchase. It is apparent that Toshiba laptops and notebooks are rated high in terms of customer satisfaction and expert reviews. However, it is always important to choose a laptop which is best suited for one’s needs. Focus should be on the usage of laptops while perusing the features. Buying a laptop with unimportant specifications may lead to under-utilization and is also not a very cost-effective solution. If some sort of discrepancies are arising in normal functioning of the laptop then the best thing to do would be to factory reset the laptop. Users should know that they can do such things without a CD. There is an effective procedure which can be followed by the users at any point of time to get their factory reset on an instant basis and step by step procedure for the same is mentioned down below. Steps to factory reset Toshiba laptop windows 7 without CD: Step 1: Start with powering ON the laptop and once done then press down and hold the “0” key until a warning message is displayed on the screen. Step 2: Users can next choose Windows 7 as the operating system as that is currently installed in their system. Step 3: This will show another warning message on the users’ screen which is just before the start of the recovery process. Step 4: Users can next click on Yes so that they can continue with the recovery process. Step 5: In the users system the Toshiba Recovery Wizard will open in which users can simply click on Recovery of Factory Software. Step 6: Finally users can follow the onscreen instructions to complete with the recovery process and start with the factory reset process. Are you unable to factory reset Toshiba laptop windows 7 without CD? If things are not yet solved, then get it solved by dialing the 24/7 Toshiba laptop tech support number. The experts would assist the users to get the issue resolved either by remote assistance or onsite assistance or live chatting and mail support.