By now you might have understood that digital marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. It was a new term just a few years ago but now it is well acknowledged and employed by large corporations along with small businesses. Companies modify their advertising strategies in order to optimize their online presence as well as to reach the potential customers. If you are searching to find good reasons for why digital marketing is the new career avenue then you are here at right page. Companies are aware of the fact that customers are completely comfortable in searching and making buying choices online, hence they are shifting their marketing strategies to avail maximum benefit of this opportunity. Digital marketing is a crucial part of any marketing plan. For this reason, companies expand their digital marketing teams and increase the digital marketing budgets. Companies create large numbers of jobs those are added to the key roles in promoting departments and agencies. Some of the job titles include: Digital marketing specialist Content marketing manager Inbound writer Digital marketing analyst Social media strategist Brand manager Ad manager In digital marketing, several companies have a complaint that there is a talent gap. They are not able to find employees with the skills they are looking for. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for those willing to acquire the skills and go ahead in the career avenue. However, if you are planning to pursue Digital Marketing Course then ensure that they cover all the essential skills. Some of the important skills of Digital Marketing course are listed below; Social media – This skill helps you in creating followers for your brand. Search Engine Optimization: First and foremost most module of digital marketing. It is applied to get rankings on SERPs. SEO is the best skill which adds value to profile Google AdWords: It is the major part of digital marketing modules which allows advertisers to create ads on various advertising networks. Analytics – This is the important skill under which you have the tools to measure clicks, impressions and conversions. Analytical skills come into play at each and every step of the SEO process. Link Building – As the social media platforms are rising over the past few years the opportunities to build links has increased enormously. Email marketing – As digital marketing requires IT and data management as well as copywriting and design, so there is need of learning the art of email marketing. Content marketing – Content is King as it engages users. It is a great way to trap visitors into your marketing funnel. Hence, it is necessary as an SEO you possess this skill. Once you have completed Digital Marketing Course, the career in this field will offer a flexible work environment. Since the entire work in SEO revolves around the internet so, where you work from is not the concern. Only access of Internet is the requirement, not the location. For those, who are not able to relocate can learn this course and have wide opportunities in hand. Apart from having an advantage of flexible work environment there are lot more benefits. Even though you have completed digital marketing course, there is always something new to learn as it is still growing and shifting at the speed of technology. Since, it is a young industry, you have new platforms to explore and build strategies around. With this, the digital marketing career surpasses. There are multiple of domains for specialization in this field. Some of them are: Social and search Strategy Technology Media planning Customer service along with business development It also includes writing, graphics, art, ideas and strategies. Digital marketing is a transferrable skill. You can learn the digital marketing skills in one industry and then transfer it to another. At present, each and every company whether it is small or large, local or global, uses digital promotions. The fundamental skills and technology will be the same, only the topic will change. This way, you can switch from one industry to another as per your interest. Conclusion: Digital Marketing Course leads you to a career field that did not widely used platform in the last ten years ago, but now it is becoming a crucial part of the marketing industry. You must grab the opportunity right now and gain the skills to be successful in this career avenue.