Video Editing is the art form which requires great visual sense, patience and a fine tuned ear. The individual who takes Video-graphed material and edits it together to tell a complete story. It is not a simple matter of tacking one scene to the next. The editor plays a dynamic and creative role in the storytelling process. Each film or a video is a fresh challenge. With gadgets and systems like Final Cut Pro FCP or Avid Xpress the editor can create a virtual new reality. TECHAVERA offers video editing courses in Noida. At Techavera Noida we provide ample training on Final Cut Pro, Avid Xpress and Adobe Premiere. The students who opt for advanced course get knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe after Effects as well. Course Overview: A career in video editing has become lucrative with the arrival of movie clips and streaming videos in websites. Since this field is highly competitive, the video editors should be ready for tough competition. Growing popularity of online video clips has resulted in increased video editing activities by the internet users. There are numerous job opportunities in video editing throughout the country. The video editors can find the placements in TV and film production studios, advertising and multimedia companies and web design companies. They can work for motion picture studios and with independent production companies. Most of the video editors work on a freelance basis or the short-term contracts for television companies, post-production studios and corporate employers Students who opt for the advanced course (six months long) will get a basic knowledge of FCP, Avid Xpress, Adobe Premier as well as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe after Effects. After completion of these courses, students will be provided internship in media houses to work on live projects. Students willing to learn this course can join us. We take you on a journey to the world of, Imagination, talent and creativity. Course Content: Introduction to Video Something about Shooting Types of Programs Grammar of Editing Linear Editing Non Linear Editing Working with Projects Digitizing & Importing Editing Video Adding Transitions Audio Mixing Create Titles Superimposing & Compositing Animating a Clip Applying Video Effects Producing Final Video Objectives: Through these courses, you will learn basic knowledge of software which are being used in video editing after completion of this course, you will find a job as a video editor in news channel and production houses We at Techavera encourage students to work on live projects. After completion of the course, students will be provided internship in media houses to work on live projects.