These days’ clients across the world are looking for cost effective solutions along with high-performance and prompt development. With all the competition in the internet marketing sector, creating a good website template and placing unique and relevant content may not be enough for profit making web businesses. Web programming is gaining more popularity in terms of creating flexible websites. In recent times three language platforms are gaining more popularity based on their support, security and easy availability in the market. Programming languages like PHP, Java Script, and SQL (Structured Query Language) may be gaining more momentum in terms of their dynamic uses. The Best IT training institute can help you gain the power of these languages PHP Programming Features PHP language may be used to design personal websites to e-commerce applications and web portals such as discussion forums, blog etc PHP programming language is free to be used and this Open Source feature proves to be cost effective for most developers PHP is deployable across various platform due to its compatibility with top most operating system and web servers PHP is fully object oriented language and thus dynamic and platform independent, therefore able to create intricate and large web application PHP’s adaptability with the C, C++and ASP assist in generating more traffic to the site Interfaces very comfortably with Apache and MySQL The language is designed to be compatible with web thus accessing GET and POST and running HTML and URL becomes quicker Because of open source code extension to library and online help is readily available The language is easy to learn when compared to others and its documentation is available in different language. Java Script Programming Features It is an efficient scripting language which is used in conjunction with HTML to create websites The script executes the code on the user’s processor rather than on the web server thus reducing the strain of bandwidth on the server The script is easy to learn and its syntax is very close to English. It applies DOM Model that gives lot of prewritten functions to the different objects on the page Since the code is executed on the user’s computer, the processing and the results are almost completed instantly The script allows the developers to write snippets of the script and execute it on any web page increasing its functionality. If you intend to add certain features on your site you can write it yourself and add it on the web page using add ons such as Greasemonkey SQL (Structured Query Language) Programming Language The language is found far and wide as it is a runs in program in PCs, mainframes, laptops, mobiles, servers and even the internet. SQL can be used to retrieve a large amount of record from the database efficiently and quickly Long established standard are core to an SQL database which is being acquired by ANSI and ISO SQL mainly consist of English statements and thus easy to understand and learn. It is used widely for relational databases SQL is an interactive language use to communicate with database and recovers answers to complex questions easily A complete database language used to create , manage, update, retrieve and sharing of data effectively There are other languages which are prevailing in the industry like the C#, Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, iOS/swift. There will never be a single programming language. Each language, with time will evolve and improve over time maintaining the pace with innovation. If you are planning to peruse a career as a programmer or developer then it would be advisable to be versatile and learn a number of programming languages and then probably do masters in the language further down your career. The best part about these courses is that you need not have any solid qualification to pursue the training. All you need is a basic education and basic IT knowledge. Programming works on logic and the rest will be taken care of by professionals.