With Web Application Testing it is basic to address issues like site’s usefulness, security issues, UI, similarity and execution. Test Automation gives a system to run tests crosswise over programs with no specific adjustments. Vitally, it mechanically drives similar tests with a mix of different types of information to upgrade test scope. Some key Test Automation advantages are: It guarantees higher ROI on the at first enormous speculations done. You can test 24*7 from a remotely held gadget also. There is less manual mediation, so the likelihood of mistakes lessens. It makes the test scripts reusable – require new scripts each time even with changes in the form of the OS on the gadget and the tests can repeat with no blunders. Automation helps you discover bugs at an early stage. Automated tests make the procedure more solid and the tests more reliable. Most vitally, it empowers testing in volumes. For example, it enables you to run tests on a large number of cell phones. Presently, this is unthinkable with Manual Testing. Selenium is the most famously utilized freeware and open source computerization instrument – selenium training in Bangalore. The advantages of Selenium for Test Automation are massive. Among the many advantages, Selenium is an Open-Source instrument and is anything but difficult to begin with for useful testing of web applications. Imperatively, it empowers record and playback for testing web applications and can run different scripts crosswise over different programs. Since Selenium 3.0 is en route and testing specialists are mapping the guide for 4.0 and 5.0, the advantages of Selenium test mechanization hold significance crosswise over assorted business sections. Underpins Operating Systems: Selenium can work and support over numerous Operating Systems (OS) like Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX, and so forth. With Selenium Suite of arrangements, a custom-made testing suite can be made over any stage and after that executed on another. For example, you can make test cases utilizing Windows OS and run it effortlessly on a Linux based framework. Tests crosswise over gadgets Selenium Test Automation can be actualized for Mobile web application mechanization on Android, IPhone, and Blackberry. This can help in producing essential outcomes and address issues on a persistent premise. Bolster crosswise over programs: Selenium offers help over numerous programs, to be specific, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and so forth. This turns out to be very creative while executing tests and testing it crosswise over different programs at the same time. The programs bolstered by the Selenium bundles are: Selenium IDE can be utilized with Firefox as a module Selenium RC and Webdriver bolsters assorted programs, for example, Internet Explorer Open-Source: As specified before, the greatest quality of Selenium is that it is a freeware and a convenient instrument. It has no forthright direct costs included. The device can be uninhibitedly downloaded and the support for it is unreservedly accessible, as it is group based. Underpins dialects: Selenium underpins a scope of dialects, including Java, Perl, Python, C#, Ruby, Groovy, Java Script, and so on. It has its own script, however it doesn’t restrict it to that dialect. It can work with different dialects and whatever the engineers/analyzers are OK with. Stacked Selenium Suits: Selenium is not only a particular apparatus or utility, it a stacked bundle of different testing instruments as is alluded to as a Suite. Each instrument is intended to oblige diverse testing needs and necessities of test situations. Moreover, Selenium accompanies abilities to bolster Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid, and Selenium Remote Control (RC). Bolster for programming dialect and structure: Selenium incorporates with programming dialects and different structures. For example, it can coordinate with ANT or Maven sort of structure for source code arrangement. Encourage, it can incorporate with TestNG testing system for testing applications and detailing purposes. It can incorporate with Jenkins or Hudson for Continuous Integration (CI) and can even coordinate with other Open-Source devices to underpins different elements. Steady updates: Selenium support is group based and a dynamic group bolster empower steady updates and redesigns. These redesigns are promptly accessible and don’t require particular preparing. This makes Selenium creative and practical too. Reusability and Add-ons: Selenium Test Automation Framework utilizes scripts that can be tried straightforwardly over different programs. Simultaneously, it is conceivable to execute different tests with Selenium, as it covers all parts of utilitarian testing by actualizing add-on apparatuses that widen the extent of testing. Simplicity of execution: Selenium offers an easy to understand interface that makes and execute tests effortlessly and adequately. Its Open-Source highlights help clients to script their own augmentations that make them simple to create tweaked activities and even control at a propelled level. Tests run specifically crosswise over programs and the clients can watch while the tests are being executed. Moreover, Selenium’s announcing abilities are one reason for picking it, as it enables analyzers to extricate the outcomes and take follow-up activities. In like manner, there is another school of considered a few crevices in Selenium Automation Testing. For example, Test Automation specialists additionally say that Selenium is not a comprehensive apparatus for computerizing the testing of web applications, as it needs outsider systems and dialect support to get completely useful and demonstrate the required outcomes.