SharePoint is an excellent fit for Intranets as it meets Business Needs Across Various Departments For Collaboration, Content authoring Document Management, Forms creation & Workflow based approval Shared calendars, Inter-department events Integration with existing systems Long Term Fit Microsoft has identified SharePoint as its hottest technology based on customer adoption & continues to invest in improving SharePoint with best-of-breed features Integration with existing systems Time To Market The platform supports extensive configurable modules out-of-the box facilitating end user needs easily, cost effectively and within reasonable amount of time Technical Fit Scalability, flexibility & extensibility Thin client based solution Microsoft’s support for SharePoint and the large user base allows for long term sustainability of the technology SharePoint’s open architecture and interoperability with other isolated and legacy systems allows for easy integration and enhancements Microsoft SharePoint will be an ideal fit for most enterprise intranets because Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most preferred intranet systems used by organizations the world over. It has advanced collaboration and ECM features that organizations can benefit from right out of the box! Highly scalable solution that can be customized easily Provides a significant head-start and savings over initiatives and technology platforms where effort has to start from scratch Out-of-box feature of initiating, tracking and reporting common business activities provides an extra benefit to the users Effectively manages and repurpose content to gain increased business value It’s MICROSOFT – the anytime and every time support framework is well defined SharePoint is the fastest-growing product in the history of Microsoft Over 100 million licenses of SharePoint have been sold worldwide SharePoint has been adopted by over 17,000 companies worldwide In 2008 alone, sales of SharePoint surpassed 1 billion USD!