A business without a website is absolutely unthinkable during this modern age. Advertising products and services have moved away from the traditional platforms such as the newspapers and TV channels to the Internet. Local businesses have gone global selling the products and services to customers in all corners of the world. Handling customer requests from foreign and domestic places through websites has become a common affair now. The use of the social media has added to the visibility of businesses by reaching a huge number of consumers all across the globe. All this has been made possible by the Internet marketing company in India. Role of companies Websites created for businesses can become stagnant and lose their visibility if the contents are not updated and managed regularly. To maintain their positions at the top of the search results created by the browsers, the website contents have to be optimized continuously. This job of updating and management of your website is done effectively by the Internet Marketing Company in India. Everybody in the team of the company assigned to your website uses their separate skill parallelely to improve your website. The separate teams confer once in a while to provide the best solution for the website to be successful. Using social media The social media has opened up the opportunity of reaching more people than only the Internet or the web browsers can. The features such as instant interactive processes that are available on the social media made the web sites more popular. Where initial websites allowed only one-to-one communications at any time, now businesses could talk to hundreds of customers at the same time with the help of the social media. Every one of the Internet Marketing Company in the country is taking up optimization of the websites on the social media with the help of their social media optimization packages. Depending on PPC The PPC or the pay-per-click technology is driving more traffic to the websites that did not have any visitors. Customers who are clicking on the various links on different websites are landing up on another page that has details of the products and services. It is generating more leads for the different business houses, and the opportunity of converting the leads into sales by marketing departments is increasing. Startups are increasingly taking the help of an Internet Market company to incorporate these links into their websites so that they get paid by some manufacturer or other when a customer clicks the link and is redirected to the manufacturer’s page.