Everyone is aware that Instagram is currently one of the most popular social networking platforms, where eye-catching photos and videos can be posted. It is one of the most dedicated sites that can help in highlighting the visual art of various forms as well as types. Graphic designers, book illustrators, logo artists, t-shirt designers, catalog designers, poster creators, are all considered to be the graphic artists. All users have the option of promoting their work as well as reaping the advantages of posting their work on Instagram. However, they need to have a sound knowledge about how they can use Instagram for their advantage. As a graphic designer, you will get the opportunity of advertising the services and art forms that you normally work on. Irrespective of whether you are interested in promoting yourself as freelance graphic designers or you are promoting the t-shirts that you have worked on, you will get the opportunity of leveraging the amazing power that Instagram has, and boost the presence of your brand on this platform. However, creating a brand presence is not that easy and you need to be aware of various tips for promoting the work that you are doing on this platform. You should not post screenshot or images that are blurry The first and most important objective that you should have as a graphic designer is to impress the potential clients who are looking for a designer. This can only be done with the graphic designing work that you are doing. This is why you can never post blurry images or screenshots on Instagram. The professional graphic designers who are using this platform on a daily basis are constantly looking for original and unique work. They are known to appreciate authenticity and innovative ideas. Therefore, ensure that you are posting your design in a clear manner so that money starts rolling in eventually. You should take a proper and clear picture of the illustration of the book cover. You can also take images of all the work that you have done and posted on Instagram in order to show how you have completed the work successfully after following one step after the other. The prospective clients will like to go through the creative process that you follow for working. Moreover, they are going to get proper behind the scenes idea, which will help in generating the interest of the clients. It is your duty to stir the emotions of the clients with the help of high-quality visuals There is a lot of power in both persuasion as well as emotion especially if you are using them in a visual form. However, getting a visual direction for improving the presence on social media as well as your reputation as the graphic designer is also crucial. The content that you are posting should be capable of arousing the interest of the users and they should be able to engage freely with the videos, photos, and images that you have posted. Before you have decided to start posting your work, you have to reflect on the visual aids and understand how you are going to present the designs on this platform. You should also use the tools of photo editing to your advantage. Using the tools like filters, contrast editing, and exposure cropping for improving the visual identity is a great idea. It is your responsibility to evoke emotions with the help of the visuals that you post. You can also highlight interactions or gestures in the Instagram visuals for captivating the attention of the audience. It is crucial that you are connecting with Instagram users emotionally. Making use of the hashtags in the best possible manner It is impossible to succeed as a graphic designer on Instagram if you are not making use of the hashtags. Hashtags not only help in building the social bonding or categorizing the pictures so that people can look for you and your work easily, but they also help in boosting the online visibility of your brand. You should check out how hashtags are used before you are using them for promoting your work on Instagram. You should never use the generic hashtags because they are extremely broad and users can get confused. You should try to be specific and use hashtags that are specific to your field. You should try to pick the hashtags that are responsible for defining the work that you are doing. You can never use a lot of hashtags. If you are not sure about the websites that you should be exploring to know more about Instagram and graphic designing, you can visit gramblast.com. It is also your duty to conduct proper research in order to understand the hashtags that are currently trending and are performing well. The hashtags that are best are going to attract lots of comments as well as likes on Instagram. Your design should be related to the audience There is not a single person who is interested in serious business conversations at all times. Instagram is one of the best platforms where business is known to exude both personas as well as vibrancy. Therefore, it is important that you highlight the designs that are known to have a character within them. If the followers are having fun when they are looking at the work that you have done, then it is probably the best thing. You should be capable of giving all the images a proper story. Ensure that the followers are falling in love with the designs that you create. Try to make the work creative, innovative, and fun. When you share relatable designs, you will be assured that the proper clients will be attracted to the Instagram page that you have, which will help in boosting the social media presence as well. Conclusion Instagram is undoubtedly the best platform for connecting with the client and customers for selling the design work. It is not only a casual or a light social media platform for only sharing pictures with friends. If you are using Instagram properly, you will be able to build a presence and boost your business.