The fundamental of design are the basics of every visual medium from fine art to web design even small details like fonts and colours all these examples have some very basic elements in common including lines, shape, form, texture and balance together they are almost everything we see in a creative design or in any logo. The fundamentals of graphic designing can be intimidating especially when you do not believe or back yourself as an artist self-motivation and assessments will help you become a mature artist however there are a lot of things you can learn yourself let’s start with the one of the most basic element i.e. Line A line is a shape that connect two or more points it can be fat or thin, long or short can be wavy as well line used frequently in designing like in drawing and illustrations and graphic elements like texture and patrons lines can be used to divide or organise the content or even line are used in several presentation to guide the user eyes. When you are working with line you should pay attention to line weight, colour, texture and style these qualities can make big impact the way your design perceived in viewers mind. Shape A shape is any two dimensional area with recognizable boundary i.e. circles, squares, triangles and any more there are two categories of shapes; Geometric Organic Shapes are the vital part of communicating ideas visually we understand street signals and symbols largely because of shapes. Shapes has various number of uses they can help you separate and organize content just like lines also creates symbols illustrations shapes are important because they are the foundation of so many things when shapes become three dimensional we call it forms, form can be three dimensional and exist in real world or they can be created using different techniques like light, shadow and prospective to create illusion depth powerful tools are used for modulation. Texture Texture is the physical quality of a surface like form it can be three dimensional something you can see and touch in design texture add depth in flat images objects can appear smooth, rough, hard or soft depending upon the elements you want to create in your designs for beginners texture is useful to design background images and can add a lot of interesting things in your work if you just start designing. Balance Balance is the equal distribution of visual weight in simple word how much a single object attract the viewer’s eye it can be an image or font in a design more attractive it can be affected by many things including size, colour, number and negative space balancing can be tricky for you as a beginner does take some time to master this technique but fortunately now days you can have so much of informative materials online books and tutorials to help you overcame these designing issues. Many people use different graphic techniques for different projects graphic designing is not just a job it’s a work of where people portrait their imaginations in form of logos and posters to attract viewers.