A few years back many companies started pondering deeply over their financial aspects. Many found out that the process like data entry was eating up a lot of their resources. It required space. It required using the power and other hardware systems of the company. It required people to work over it. In short, the study revealed that the investment on data entry was more that the benefits reaped from it. This is when the concept to outsource data entry came into light. With the boom in the BPO industry worldwide, things started looking bright for the companies. Now there are specialists in this direction and they guarantee perfection for the job undertaken. What else could one ask for! The problem that many faced was the understanding. It was thought that only the insiders of a company could understand its processes and working procedure. But the experts in the market did not waste in any time and understood all about the processes and made it easy to outsource data entry. The cost would naturally depend on the nature of the job at hand. If one is looking at a survey for a one time client, then outsourcing it to the BPO will be more affordable. Cost of the operations play the major role in a business. Data transmission and conversion can be done now by various external firms. There are many people who have been doing this work from home at affordable rates. The particular firm which is providing the data entry service should have ample experience and skilled workers. Nowadays it is not a limitation as there are many skilled people just waiting to lay their hands on such jobs. Other than affordability, one of the major advantages that one will have by data entry service has to be easy access to the documents. People now work from different parts of the world when it comes to data entry. The various firms which are working on data entry will have parts of the jobs and they all submit in time to the client firm. These services are at affordable rates for the clients when compared to an in-house department. In this age of technology, paper work can become really a tedious as well as space consuming issue. Product data entry and all the other aspects of the data entry firms totally take out the paper work. They are also saving paper in the long run. Converting the paper documents into the digital format has been one of the most repeated tasks for the data entry firms. They allow the firm to focus totally on the core business aspects. Product data entry and the other aspects of such firms have made business a lot easier.