It is time modern businesses resort to creative destruction – destroying the old paradigms that are bogging down their data efficiency to launch new ones that will give better profitability. In today’s world where everything is constantly changing, data quality is something that organizations must take into account as a serious aspect of business success. Here are 9 resolutions for the fall that organizations must attempt and adhere to in order to improve their Maintenance, Repairs, and Operations efficiency. 1. Revise your MRO strategy. Every strategy requires constant revision and upgrading to keep up with changing times. This year ensure that MRO strategy is optimized in tune with the present economic scenario and operational volume. 2. Transform your supply chain operations Transform your supply chain operations by giving more impetus to process improvements than incremental improvement. Processes should be streamlined to make the availability of material easier and swifter. Cut down on unnecessary processes that could be delaying operations and making things difficult for all departments. 3. Resort to higher management goals Integrate your MRO operations with higher management goals and techniques such as Six Sigma, lean management, OEE, etc. These proven management processes will take your business to a higher level and increase your annual production volumes. 4. Give equal importance to MRO as direct materials Organizations often make the mistake of giving more importance to direct material management than to MRO. The production inefficiencies caused by inconsistent and not-updated records will definitely bring down profitability. This year ensure that you give equal importance to MRO as well as direct materials. 5. Evaluate TCO than incremental piece-price savings The total cost of ownership is what helps in knowing the actual business efficiency of an organization. Keeping price per piece low and having an unusual high piece-price is not a healthy sign. Hence, this year the focus should be on enhancing TCO than piece-price. 6. Using standardized data Clean and standardized data through improved master data governance will go a long way in reducing unnecessary purchases. It will hasten product queries and also reduce the lead time required for a single purchase transaction. 7. Follow 5S of store – sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain The world’s best warehouses follow the 5S of storeroom management. These five S will make product finding quicker, streamlined, and enhance the quality of operations. 8. Move data management to the cloud Cloud computing is reforming the way businesses have been conducting business. MRO data management can be moved to the cloud to make a business more accessible from remote locations which help improve business mobility. 9. Engage experts and consultants Although enterprises take into account internal resources for decision making, it is also important to leverage the knowledge of industry experts for an effective decision making. Seeking the help of experts and consultants will go a long way in finding better insights into the business. These nine resolutions are to help organizations find a better way of managing their MRO expenses and processes. They are devised to make a business think on its foot about what is right and what could be done to make the best processes better to improve business profitability. It is upon the leadership team to take initial actions that will trickle down the hierarchy of the organization. With adherence to all the above resolutions, a business will be able to cut down expenses, improve profitability and bring in more cheer to this New Year.