Buying cheap computers is easy only if you remain alert in checking the system. It will take a little time and effort but in the end, you are surely going to save a little. Buying one is a learning experience but with some tips followed it can be done wisely. We can go in for standard computers if we wish to use it for ideal purposes like using the internet, checking emails, writing a report and much more. Basic and standard systems can also download and play MP3 music and short videos along with running most of the games too. Smart tips to buy one Such computers are available in many different stores where you can go and select a product as per your choice but you need to be alert in choosing one. You should also check the performance of the computer sets that are available at lower prices. So are you ready to get one, just follow these simple tips and make your purchase easier: You need to first check what type of operating system runs in the system. It would be better for you to choose the one with the latest OS like XP or the windows 7 version. It would be really difficult for you to expect Windows 10 or MAC OS in these used up systems. Don’t go in for Windows Vista since it is not recommended as it has a lot of disadvantages in terms of its performance. XP and Windows 7 have always been the best ones when it comes to performance, appearance, and efficiency. The second thing that you need to check is how efficiently the RAM works. If it has a larger RAM then you do not have to worry about the performance. Thus, it is advisable that you should go in for computers with larger RAM. If you get a system with lesser RAM, then you can upgrade it to a bigger capacity so that your computer works efficiently. The third thing that you need to check is the hard drive. Make sure that you check the hard disk personally for any tear, damage or any other issues related to the operation of the hard disk. You will get many systems with lesser cost than each other but also need to make sure that you buy one with better configurations since you cannot afford to spend more in replacing such parts in the system. The last thing to be checked is the CD/DVD drive and the USB port. There have been many cases where such systems were sold with poor CD/DVD drives and operations problems in the USB ports. Computers with such conditions shouldn’t be accepted in the first place since it will be an extra cost for you if you have to replace it. So check this drives and then go in for a system. The next question that comes is where you plan to buy such systems so that all your requirements are met perfectly. You only have two options and that is to get it online or buy it from a physical store. Local Store You will find many of the local stores selling computers through an auction or clearance sale and I guess this might be the right time for you to purchase some of the best brands like Dell, HP and much more. You can also buy individual parts for lesser costs and try to assemble them on your own. In this way, you can save money and time too. Online Stores With so many online shopping sites like Amazon, Wall mart, and many such ones have become the most famous sites that sell used as well as brand new systems. Consumers today find these online stores to be the most convenient and a fun experience while buying stuff of their own choices. Websites like eBay and Amazon are ranked to be one to the best sellers where most of the buyers wish to purchase from. And there is nothing to get surprised since you can desktop and lap computers with different configurations. There are still many other places where you can purchase these systems from. These are just one of the best options for you if you wish to purchase a good system of your choice.