When it comes to determine the most widely used application of drones, cinematography emerges out as the top contender. All across the world, drones have been widely used for capturing stunning images and videos that are further employed in short films, Hollywood films and for other objectives. And in any cinematic, the key to success lies in quick camera setup and easy camera configurations. The Ronin MX has been developed to carry most of the cameras used by professional cinematographers worldwide. Its SmoothTrack™ algorithms guarantee smoother movements in every configuration. A relocated battery enhanced balance while stability is improved by a camera cage that tresses mounted cameras in place at the top and at the bottom. Furthermore, its super quiet motors prevent on set micsgaining up motor noise. Due to its multitude of feature, a large number of people demand for Ronin MX in Canada. The first & foremost feature lies in its resistance to high G-forces that it tackles with the use of powerful motors and IMUs. Despite carrying this capability, you won’t notice any lag in its stability and hold horizon when you mount it on an aircraft or a moving vehicle. When attached to the M600 aerial system, it connects directly with DJI’s flight controller and when mounted to vehicles, it links to an elective GPS module enabling it to stabilize aggressively for a level shot capture. A slip ring in it enables the Ronin-MX to rotate 360° uninterruptedly when mounted to aircraft or vehicles, allowing cinematographer to explore more & better creative choices. This is further improved by a surge in tilt axis range from 90° straight down and expandable to 135°. Salient features of the Ronin series such as the three modes of operation and SmoothTrack™ are also available, enablingfilm makers to play with an array of creative angles and movements. The Ronin-MXenjoys easy compatibility with Lightbridge 2, allowing long-range HD video transmission from the air to the ground from up to 3.1miles away. If you link it with the optional DJI Focus and Focus Expansion Module, focus or aperture can also be controlled remotely just with a twist of the wrist. A spare Remote Start/Stop add-on gives you the ability to control shooting on a range of airborne cameras. Though it is much ahead of the typical hand-held camera gimbal such asDJI Osmo in Canada, it is simply the best in its class and would never disappoint you in your purpose.