When retailers or any other companies that deal in products use any inventory management system, they need it to have a lot of flexibility and scalability. What starts out as a small business will typically grow over time and the inventory management solution should also be able to cope with the expansion. If you are a business that has inventory and products as well as vendors and orders and are looking for a scalable, robust and flexible system that will grow in tandem with your business, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is made just for you. As a matter of fact, this system is so robust that it blends in perfectly with the workings of a number of different industries. Customized Functionality Once zero2ten has customized the functions and created the perfect CRM solution for you, the functionality of expanding it to suit your business needs is something that we can help you with any point of time. It happens very often that there is lot of data that needs to be tracked, but the legacy system you use to maintain records is not scalable and you have to add another application to the existing one. We will be able to provide you with the perfect add-ons for your CRM solution and you will be able to keep track of every piece of relevant information such as bins, barcodes, serialized items, warehouse locations, gridded items, order picking vendors PO’s and much more. In Innovation Mode We have added a dash of our special innovation quotient to the inherent qualities that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM has. With our solution, you can get customized mobile barcode-scanning applications which integrate seamlessly with the CRM. We are very focused in our approach towards providing customers with customized CRM solutions and have served a number of clients from the warehouse and retail space. With every passing year, even as Microsoft upgrades it’s CRM, we too innovate a little more and ensure that you as a customer have the exact functionality you need- no less, no more. In fact, that is exactly what a lean system is all about. It provides you with all the muscle you need in terms of functionality, and has no excess fat at all. The Lean System That makes your custom Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution less complex and more user-friendly. The fact that all your staff can be provided with the kind of access they need and have quick visibility of all the relevant data, regardless of where they are, makes a significant difference to the manner in which your operations are run. When your staff has less administrative tasks to deal with and they can deal with requirements on the go, via their mobile devices, it is bound to have a positive impact on the productivity of your team and the profitability of your company. All of this is possible but only if your solutions provider has the knowledge and the skill to provide you with the kind of solutions that will match your requirements to the tee. That is exactly what we at zero2ten do for every one of our customers- be they enterprise-scale or even from the medium or small niche segment. Check our website http://www.zero2ten.com/personalized-crm.aspx and let us know how we can be of service to you.