If you are setting up an office, it is also important that you create a ‘must- have’ list of office supplies and furniture that you will be needing. If you are just starting, focus on the items that are absolutely necessary for you. Avoid wasting money on unnecessary and fancy objects that you don’t need presently. If you are not being sure about the things you will need, here is a list of must- haves in your office: The most important furniture for your office is the work station. The type of work station you will need should depend on the type of work conducted in the office. If it is regular computer work, then a traditional work station will do with the cubicle and chairs. On the other hand, if you are an artist or crafter, the traditional desk may be unable to provide you the needed space for your work. Instead a large table may provide you the space to spread out your work. Consider whether you need storage incorporated in the work station or will need them separately. It’s important you have comfortable chairs, especially if employees need to sit for most of the time during working hours. A comfortable chair will prevent end- of- the- day back and shoulder pain. When you select chairs, consider features like adjustable seating height, appropriate seat depth and width for comfortable positioning. Consider having additional seating for guests. If you have large tables, you might need to add some more chairs. Whereas if you have small tables, you may want to add some more tables somewhere in your office. The type of storage you opt for should depend on the equipments and items you will be storing. For example, if you are a writer, a simple bookcase may suffice to give you the space to store your reference books and the printer. Whereas, if you own a textile business, you may need large cabinets to store your fabrics- a place to store multiple sewing machines and multi shelves o store a paraphernalia of threads and scissors. One of the most basic supplies for office work is paper and paper- based products. Regardless of your business type, you will be needing paper for tasks like signing contracts, making copies of important documents, and other important tasks. You will also be needing file folders for organizing your documents and paper work. Without them, it will be very difficult to keep your important tasks organized and finding them when your need. Besides the office furnitures, important supplies that you will be needing telephone system, copiers, computers/ laptops, fax machines, photocopiers, printers, etc. If you will be using printer, you will also be needing a steady supply of ink and cartridges. If you are looking for printer sales and supplies in Calgary, there are many to cater to your needs. Visit http://www.cal-imaging.ca to know more.