Google Apps for Business: The Next Frontier The few traditional business tools of history are no longer everything we have. The truth is, most of them seem downright outdated. Business technology has been improving by leaps and bounds, and nowhere has this growth been as apparent as in the realm of Google. The search giant has changed the entrepreneurs world, though definitely not the very first time, with its introduction of Google Apps for business. This powerful business tool can do things for a company that an owner probably never imagined, and once its benefits are fully understood by employers and workers alike, it’s likely their company will never turn back. Google in the Cloud Maybe one of the greatest benefits of a Google Apps account for businesses is the fact that everything a company uses will be on the cloud. From documents and spreadsheets to scheduling tasks, the account keeps everything at a business owner’s and their employee’s fingertips. In the current business world, it’s generally not efficient or even possible to stop working just because the clock says five and the office is empty. Luckily, with a business Google Apps account, an individual can pick up their work at home or on the subway just where they left off at the office. Savings on Software Most business owners never even think about the amount of money that they’ll end up spending on software licenses. When a person is sitting at home typing out a plan for their future business, they often totally forget the fact that the software that they’re using to type cost them money at some time. Thankfully, Google Apps for business has the entire Word suite built right into it. Which means without paying anything, a business owner and all of their employees can have, use, and share documents directly from their own computer. Since this would have, at some point, required a different software license for each employee, there’s literally no limit on how much a company can save. Resellers and the Art of Customer Service Many entrepreneurs owners shun the idea of getting Google Apps for business merely because they know what it’s like to use personal Google accounts. Sure, everything is accounted for and it’s pretty simple to use, but for anyone who’s ever had a problem figuring something out with the search giant, the realization that customer service is lacking can drive them away from this super tool. Thankfully, resellers work with Google in an effort to help a company with its transition to the tool and with any customer service needs that could arise. Honestly, what else could a company need?