Technology is transforming the way brands engage with their customers. Think of the early trade days, what used to be human interaction, slowly became telephonic conversations, and then emails, social media, and now, futuristic technologies that deploy artificial intelligence to make business conversations as human as possible. Conversational AI empowers businesses to provide fast and almost human-like service to customers. Initiating conversations and fuelling business transactions, Chatbots represent the paradigm shift in how brands and customers interact. What is a Chatbot? An AI-powered conversational framework for businesses and consumers to interact, Chatbots are the future of marketing. From providing instantaneous responses to customer queries, taking orders, converting leads to providing immense value, Chatbots can do it all. In a nutshell, Chatbots are the next-gen communication engines that can restructure how businesses engage with customers. 5 Reasons to get Chatbots for your Business Personalized communication: Chatbots are intelligent programs that allow personalization. The potential of personalization in a cluttered digital ecosystem is undervalued, and Chatbots leverage the power of personalization to provide an enhanced customer experience. Instantaneous interactions: Chatbots function on keywords and questions customers are already asking your brand. Chatbots engage customers in the most seamless two-way interactions instantaneously. Simplifying interactions and keeping them simple helps improve engagement. Truly omnichannel: Integrate channels to create a true omnichannel experience. Restart conversations with customers on platforms of their choice without having to worry about the conversational history. Chatbots analyze historical chat data from the already integrated platforms to resume conversations across platforms. Drive sales: Chatbots help proactively engage leads and turn them to loyal customers by providing impeccable value at each stage of the buyer cycle. Whether it is engaging the customer in meaningful conversations, driving consideration or closing a sale, chatbots help at each stage. Chatbots help automate workflows, conversations and processes; acting as an extended arm of your Sales Team Develop relationships: Chatbots are undoubtedly the most innovative means to develop long-lasting relationships with the customer. Be it business interactions, simple conversations or providing value, putting customers first and building relationships is key to making any business a grand success. It is possible to build your own Chatbot but the process is tedious and complicated. Getting an API and fuelling your chatbot single-handedly can be time-consuming and for the technologically challenged, a nightmare. Chatbots are quick to implement and easy to train when you use a tool. Keep it simple and build meaningful relationships with Chatbots. Conversational promoting is without a doubt the fate of client achievement. Precluding single direction discussions, conversational advertising empowers important two-way discussions. WhatsApp bots have been an incredible apparatus for advertisers to utilize significant discussions with clients. The key goal of conveying WhatsApp bots is to annex a bigger ‘Pleasure’ factor into the showcasing procedure. Keeping spectators cheerful is the way to any business and conversational advertising fueled by WhatsApp bots is the mystery fixing to client achievement. We face a daily reality such that the intensity of information and personalization stream on some random channel. From Facebook to WhatsApp, information insight rules. There is certifiably not a superior time to use customized informing to collaborate with, draw in and enchant clients with significant discussions.